Our Investments

The financial inclusion institutions in which we invest

Abler Nordic's five funds (Global, Frontier, Fund III, Fund IV, and Climate Smart Fund) include 22 active investments. The portfolio consists of 13 Equity, 4 Debt, and 7 MIV (Microfinance Investment Vehicles) investments. Abler Nordic's active and direct Investments (excluding the MIVs) reach ~7 million clients in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Myanmar, Uganda and Senegal, as well as additional Sub-Saharan African countries as part of our investment in Baobab Group.

Since inception, Abler Nordic has cumulatively supported 12.7 million borrowers.

Abler Nordic has funding of 10 million USD from The Ministry of Climate and Environment in Norway (NICFI) for Climate Smart Fund in Indonesia. The fund provides affordable loans to smallholders close to the rainforest to intensify their agriculture production on the condition that they don't encroach on the Indonesian rainforest.

Fund IV

Dvara KGFS (Kshetriya Gramin Financial Services) (Direct, Equity)

Ergos (direct, equity)

Light Microfinance (Direct, Equity)

Proximity Finance Microfinance Company Limited (Direct, Equity)

Client Stories

Sathapana Bank Plc (Direct, Subordinate Debt)

Tugende (direct, subordinated debt)

Fund III

BAOBAB SAS (Direct, Equity)

Bina Artha (Direct, Debt)

Kenya Women Microfinance Bank (Direct, Equity)

LOLC Cambodia (Direct, Debt)

RGVN/NESFB (Direct, Equity)

Client Stories

Frontier Fund


Goodwell (Fund, MIV)

Progression (Fund, MIV)

Utkarsh (Direct, Equity)

Global Fund

RIF II (Fund, MIV)

ShoreCap II (Fund, MIV)

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Abler Nordic was established in 2008 in Oslo, Norway as a partnership between the public sector and private investors. Abler Nordic invests in institutions building financial inclusion in Africa and Asia.
OfficesAbler Nordic has offices in Norway, Denmark, Kenya, India, and Indonesia. View our Contact page for details.
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