Abler Nordic in the Media

Abler Nordic leads funding round in Ergos (2023)

Abler Nordic new name for Nordic Microfinance Initiative; new fund on the horizon (2023)

Abler Nordic (formerly NMI) invests USD 8 million equity in Sitara, supporting safe and affordable housing for women in India (2022)

Abler Nordic (formerly NMI) invests in LOLC, Cambodia, expanding financial access in rural areas (2022)

Abler Nordic (formerly NMI) invests in asset financier Tugende in Uganda and Kenya (2021)

Abler Nordic (formerly NMI) invests in Light Microfinance (2021)

Abler Nordic (formerly NMI) supports Svasti Microfinance through additional investments (2021)

Sub-K launches SARTHI, supported by Abler Nordic (formerly NMI) TA (2020)

Proximity Finance transaction (2020)

Lauritzen Fonden investing in Abler Nordic (formerly NMI) (2020)

Sindhuja transaction (2020)

Svasti Transactions (2019)

Abler Nordic (formerly NMI) increasing India focus (2019)

Dvara KGFS transaction (2019)

PBU investing in Abler Nordic (formerly NMI) (2019)

Climate Smart Microfinance Fund, first close funded by The Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment (2019)

Fund IV, first close (2018)

NESFB launched (2018)

Musoni investment (2018)

BASIX Sub-K transactions (2018)

IFU joins Abler Nordic (formerly NMI) (2016)

Fusion investment & exit (2014, 2018)

Utkarsh investment (2011, 2014)

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Abler Nordic was established in 2008 in Oslo, Norway as a partnership between the public sector and private investors. Abler Nordic invests in institutions building financial inclusion in Africa and Asia.
OfficesAbler Nordic has offices in Norway, Denmark, Kenya, India, and Indonesia. View our Contact page for details.
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