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Lauritzen Fonden invests USD 5 million in Nordic Microfinance Initiative's latest fund.


Lauritzen Fonden invests USD 5 million in Nordic Microfinance Initiative’s (NMI) latest financial inclusion and microfinance fund.

- At Lauritzen Fonden, we find it important to try new things, both in relation to potential business opportunities and ways to remedy unsuitable conditions in society. We therefore look forward to the cooperation with NMI, where we with an investment in financial inclusion strengthen our social impact and hopefully contribute to sustainable social change beyond Denmark's borders, says Tommy Thomsen, CEO of Lauritzen Fonden.

- We are proud to welcome Lauritzen Fonden. The Fund has a strong social commitment that is well in line with NMI’s values. The investment is also strategically important to us, as it underlines the public-private and Danish-Norwegian partnership in NMI, says Arthur Sletteberg, Managing Director of NMI.

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Lauritzen Fonden invests in financial inclusion in developing countries (English) 
Lauritzen Fonden investerer i finansiel inklusion i udviklingslande (Danish)

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