Client Stories

Overcame trauma to build a thriving business

Baobab, Democratic Republic of Congo — Mamie's path to success has not been easy


Aged 41, Mamie is a Congolese retailer who has been specialising in the sale of fresh food products for nearly 22 years. Unfortunately, four years ago, she was robbed by armed bandits who stole her capital and goods. Traumatized and deprived of her cash flow, this mother of three confided in one of her friends who urged her to turn to the services of Baobab (Democratic Republic of Congo). Mamie quickly became a Baobab customer and received her first loan. Being resourceful and experienced in the retail trade, she made good use of her financing.

Today, she has left the market stalls to build premises that house her store and a cold room to keep her food fresh. Thanks to Baobab’s support, she has gone from being a retailer to a wholesaler and now employs four people. Happy and fulfilled, she regularly shares her experience with other retailers around her. As a true ambassador of Baobab, Mamie constantly recommends them to other entrepreneurs facing difficulties in their business. Her dream now is to own several cold rooms and become a reference in the fresh food sector.

Baobab DR Congo

In 2017, Baobab Group acquired OXUS DRC, a microfinance institution that began operating in July 2013. It is currently providing financing to over 13,000 customers, mostly micro-enterprises and small and medium-sized companies

Abler Nordic invested equity in Baobab Group, which Baobab DRC is a part of, in 2016.

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